The Next Generation Server for Virtual World Builders

Pre-release description

Muq Synopsis

Muq is a new netserver platform currently in late alpha test. Muq's first beta release will be on December 29, 1999. See "Why Muq?" for an overview of what Muq is good for.

Muq Availability

Due to US export controls, Muq source code is currently available only from As of 1999Oct30, the most recent alpha release is (If you would like to mirror this at another crypto Free World site, by all means do so! And let me know at

The most recent Muq manuals are always available on the Web at and often mirrored at Preformatted tarball versions of these manuals are normally available in ascii, html, info, dvi and ps from and usually mirrored at (Let me know if you set up an additional mirror!)

There are currently no publicly available Muq servers on the Internet.

Muq Mailing Lists and Projects

I maintain six Muq mailing lists, which I expect to remain very quiet until the 1999Dec29 beta release:

To subscribe to one of these, send email to one of with the word "subscribe" as the body. (Use "unsubscribe" to remove yourself from the list.)

Contributing to the Muq Community

Muq is animated (among other things) by a desire to construct secure, cooperative, democratic, egalitarian, distributed online communities based on free software and user-owned hardware instead of on proprietary commercial hardware and software.

If you like the vision of online communities not controlled by the likes of Microsoft or America Online, you can contribute to making it happen. You don't need to be a hacker to contribute: If you want to contribute, you have something we need, be it the ability to provide novice-eye feedback on our manuals and tutorials, art of any kind for our manuals, web pages and virtual worlds, technical writing or proofreading for our documentation, coordination of volunteer efforts, donation of hardware access to run testbeds, or whatever email and see where you can fit in!

Muq Manuals

The current Muq manual set consists of:

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