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Why Muq?

"Longer, lower, wider, faster than anything else in its price class!"

-- Excerpt from early 1970s car advertisement.

In a world with literally thousands of software platforms, what makes Muq special? When is Muq an appropriate design choice?

Muq goes several design generations beyond (say) MOO or Java in providing support for applications characterized by these five requirements:

If your application fits this profile, picking Muq as your platform may reduce your development time by an order of magnitude or more while also improving the reliability and robustness of your delivered application.

Traditional software platforms such as C or Java provide very little support for any of the above requirements, but the combination is becoming increasingly common in the Internet age.

To support these five requirements well, especially in conjunction, a software platform must really have been designed with them in mind from the very beginning: The requirements affect thousands of design decisions throughout the implementation.

Muq was so designed, building on many years of experience using, maintaining, administering and writing online communities and their software.

Here are some of the specific facilities Muq provides which support the target application space:

Muq is a new platform designed for the needs of a new millenium, with sufficient design hooks in place to keep it at the leading edge for years to come. Muq represents the leading edge of the future: Competing platforms represent the receding edge of the past.

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