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Compiling Muq Source

Move the downloaded file (muq.0.22.0-src.tar.gz or whatever) to your home directory, if it is not already there. (Compiling elsewhere is slightly more work.)

Unpack the downloaded file. On Linux, the easiest command to do this is

tar xzf muq.0.22.0-src.tar.gz

On other Unices, you may need to instead do

gunzip muq.0.22.0-src.tar.gz
tar xf muq.0.22.0-src.tar

If "gunzip" comes up "gunzip: Command not found", see if one of the following commands works:

gzip -d muq.0.22.0-src.tar.gz
/usr/local/bin/gzip -d muq.0.22.0-src.tar.gz
zcat muq.0.22.0-src.tar.gz >muq.0.22.0-src.tar
/usr/local/bin/zcat muq.0.22.0-src.tar.gz >muq.0.22.0-src.tar

If none of those work, you should either ask your administrator to install "GNU gzip", else else compile and install it yourself. The canonical distribution site is ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu/gnu/gzip/ but every self-respecting archive on the Internet has the same files.

The Muq source code will unpack into a subdirectory named muq.

For detailed instructions on compiling Muq (which may well be more up-to-date than this documentation) see the plain text file muq/INSTALL, which may be read using less, more, your favorite text editor, or Netscape Navigator, using File -> Open Page -> /usr/home/cynbe/muq/INSTALL or similar. However, you should normally be able to compile and check Muq simply by doing

cd muq/c
make check

If for some reason the fileset gets corrupted (due to running out of disk space, say), you may wish to do ../bin/muq-distclean before attempting make again.

(If your system has less than a hundred meg of ram, it is normal to get a few errors in the final section of "make check", where it runs three separate Muq servers at the same time to check out networking.)

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