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Function: rootMakeDbfile { proposedName -> finalName }
file: job.t
package: muf
status: alpha

The rootMakeDbfile function creates and returns a new instance of Class DatabaseFile. Since each such instance is associated with a section of the database stored in a host file, as a side-effect a host file will be created.

The proposedName argument may be an integer; only the lowest twenty-one bits will be used. The high bit distinguishes system library from personal dbfiles.

The proposedName argument may also be a text string of four letters. Lower-case letters are used for personal dbfiles, uppercase letters are used for system files.

In either of the above cases, if the proposedName is inappropriate (too long, say), it will be modified appropriately, and if it conflicts with the name of an existing dbfile, it will be incremented until there is no conflict.

Finally, the proposedName argument may be nil, in which case an unused dbname is assigned randomly.

The name actually used is returned as finalName.

An entry .db[finalName] is made containing the actual dbfile instance created.

You will normally next create one or more packages in the new dbfile by including the dbfile object as the final argument to ]makePackage. See section ]makePackage.

If you want the new dbfile to be the home for a new user, you should create them together using rootMakeUser. See section rootMakeUser { [ proposedDbfileName | -> [ user | }.

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