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Smalltalk Compiler - And Class Hierarchy

I'd kind of like to see a Smalltalk syntax compiler for Muq if only as a bit of a trip down memory lane: It was it was Smalltalk 72 that first got me excited about object-oriented programming (I'd studied Simula67 but it hadn't clicked for me) and my very first bytecode compiler and interpreter implementation project was a Smalltalk compiler and interpreter done back about 1979, done right after writing my first Lisp system.

Although Smalltalk78 as a syntax doesn't have a whole lot to recommend it, except in comparison to Smalltalk72's wild excesses: It offers much what any similar Algolic syntax offers these days, in rather quirky clothing.

The Smalltalk class hierarchy, on the other hand, represents a big set of reasonably well thought out and tested software tools: It would be nice to see how much of that is missing from Muq and worth importing. It used to be that the Smalltalk folks were itching to sue anyone who did anything along these lines (which is one reason I veered away from Smalltalk in 1980), but I have the vague sense that the legal issues have since receded.

This is not a project I am likely to find time to do myself in the forseeable future, but I'd be happy to offer time-limited help and encouragement.

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