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Logic Programming Compiler

I'd love to see a Prolog-style compiler for Muq, if only because my sortaparents (David and Paula Matuszek, http://www.netaxs.com/people/nerp/) love the language!

Logic programming notations are clearly the cats' pyjamas for compactly defining and searching combinatorial spaces.

I've never had a good excuse to to a major project in Prolog, so I've never developed a good intuition for when and how to apply it. :(

Logic programming has really distinctive strengths and weaknesses relative to other programming languages, so it would be great to have it at our fingertips as part of the Muq suite of programming tools.

As with many of these other compiler projects, implementing logic programming in Muq should go very quickly, since the virtual machine already exists and the assembler API handles all the code generation issues.

We'd need to pick a representation and indexing mechanism for tuples (Vectors indexed by Index objects?) and logic variables (symbols...?), and presumably a C-coded primitive for the unify operation -- any major issues beyond that?

I'd be happy to write or integrate some server tweaks in support of this, but am not likely to do the rest of the project any time soon.

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