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Automatic Updates

There are a variety of situations in which it would be nice if Muq servers could update automatically.

Since Muq is designed to heavily networked with other Muq servers in an Internet-connected environment and has support for digital signatures and such, implementing automatic updating should be rather straightforward.

Some sites run by hackers with infinite time on their hands for doing manual upgrades and configuration would no doubt disdain (and disable) any such facility, but for the vast majority of server sites, the realistic choice is likely to be between automatic updates and no updates.

Muq server C-code updates are one obvious opportunity for providing such service: When a new server release is available and sufficiently tested, there is no reason not to have most sites automatically download, compile (if needed) and install it. With a smidgen of design and implementation intelligence, one should be able to have the existing server exec() the new one, so that operation looks continuous to any user not watching the logs.

Muq library updates are another, equally obvious opportunity. Small patches might be simply downloaded as MUF source and locally executed. Larger updates might be downloaded as complete library dbfiles, to be mounted in place of the current one.

Another nice service to support would be hot-spare mirroring: If the administrators at a pair of Muq sites agreed, each might maintain a full mirror of the dbfiles for the other, and be ready to take over service for the site almost instantly should the primary site be knocked out by hardware problems or such.

None of these require any great amount of effort, but they are boring infrastructure sorts of things which I expect will sit on the project queue until I get around to them.

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