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A recurring problem with today's Internet is that if a site suddenly becomes of widespread interest, the sheer client load may force it down, or at least prevent most people from accessing it in a timely fashion.

The result is often that only corporations and rich individuals can make their voice heard effectively, which is unpleasant.

The solution is, judo-style, to convert the problem into the solution: Form the mass of clients into a tree which passes the required information outward, automatically expanding service capacity in direct proportion to load, and in the limit allowing a single 14.4 modem to serve the entire Internet in real time.

There are some details which need to be done right, to deal with the probability of a maliciously uncooperative minority of clients, but the idea looks workable given public-key signatures to prevent addition of forged packets, and numbered heartbeat packets to prevent deletion of valid packets.

If this is done well, and incorporated into the Muqnet substrate, everything built on top of it should automatically be largely flashcrowd-proof, and anyone with something to say should be able to address as large an audience as is interested in listening.

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