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Arrays and Vectors

Muq currently only has general purpose one-dimensional vectors.

Muq needs vectors specialized to hold (for example) bytes, shorts, 32-bit ints, 64-bit ints, and floats. These are useful for a variety of things such as holding RGB images and MRI datasets, and allowing efficient operations upon them. (Since all the values in such a specialized array are known to be binary values of the same type, a great deal of type-checking overhead needed in typical Muq virtual memory functions can be dispensed with.)

Once these are in place, support can be implemented for putting their contents in shared memory, which will allow efficient communication between Muq softcode and external programs doing slow, complex operations on them -- (maximum-entropy image cleanup, say).

I'd like to build something like a poor man's AVS on top of those facilities once they are in place. (If you haven't seen AVS, it is a pretty cool but quite expensive scientific visualization program for working with image, volume and polygon datasets. Yes, I do 3D graphics for a living!)

This project would also involve relaxing the current roughly 64K maximum-ength constraints on vectors, strings and such.

This is deep-down Muq server hacking, so it is most unlikely anyone other than me will do this.

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