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Mail Client

My wife and I have been through at least a dozen Linux mail client programs so far without finding one that comes close to meeting our needs, and we both virtually live in email, so I have a rather strong and personal motivation for writing a Linux mail client.

Muq, having grown out of a line of virtual world servers, might seem at first blush an odd choice of platform for writing a mail client, but in fact its ability to handle persistent data in a highly flexible and programmable fashion, and its strong and growing suite of text manipulation facilities, make it a very strong platform for such a project.

But what I have in mind is actually something new that doesn't seem to have a name yet, which goes well beyond a traditional mail client: I want a personal document storage, manipulation and presentation application which integrates handling of web pages, email, netnews and personal calendar in an effective way, letting me index and find documents I've read recently regardless of format or transmission protocol, letting me apply gag filters to content independent of the format or protocol by which the content is delivered, and giving me strong support for automatically sorting, prioritizing and reformatting such documents.

Nobody but me is likely to write something that satifies me on this front. :)

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