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Integrated Development Environment

I don't want to re-invent the wheel needlessly here, but Muq is a sophisticated software environment in its own right, and really needs good, modern programming tools.

A full-bore Integrated Development Environment would be wonderful, and Muq would be an enjoyable platform on which to write one.

Short of that, there is still a lot we could do.

Anyone want to write appropriate emacs modes for Muq?

The current Muq "debugger" is very lame placeholder. I haven't looked at the Linux ddd debugger front end: Any chance of writing an adapter that would let it be used with Muq?

Even doing that would require significant tweaks to the server, which right now does not even support breakpointing or single-stepping. (Tweaking the server to allow jobs to be single-stepped backwards would be great fun!)

Bringing the Muq internal documentation system up to at least the level of emacs internal documentation tools (apropos and such) would be another great practical aid to programming. The CommonLisp standard on which Muq is built provides a specification which could be used, and the emacs internal elisp documentation system provides another quite successful model.

I'll probably need to do most of the serious server support, but it would be great if someone else would pick up the rest of this project.

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