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More Islekits

The current Micronesia islekit is a demonstration of providing a conventional mud-like environment on top of Muq, but is deliberately rather unexciting.

I hope and expect that other people will extend Micronesia in various ways, and probably write completely new islekits from scratch for it. (If someone wants to take over maintainance of Micronesia and to start adding tailfins and flashing lights, that would be great!)

Even within the existing Micronesia framework, completely different mudshells can be written, plugged in and used.

It might be entertaining, educational, and even useful to write fairly straight-forward emulations of older mudservers on top of the Muq server. Or alternatively, to write translators from old db formats to Micronesia, allowing old content to be run within new communities. MOO emulators or db converters, anyone?

Lots of great possibilities here, but I'm very unlikely to have time to get to them: For the most part, they will have to wait until someone else comes along to make them happen.

Extending Micronesia to handle 3D virtual worlds would be great fun, and is the thing I'm most likely to find time to do on this front.

I'd also love to see people build completely different kinds of collaborative applications on top of Muq. How about collaborative Internet-mediated soundfile hacking or symbolic algebra or animation planning or management of large-scale raytraced animation efforts as they run or...? Muq provides a whole suite of capabilities which can make these sorts of applications easier to build and more robust and capable when complete.

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