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Multimedia Support

My wife and I are just wrapping up ripping our CD collection to disk, and I can now play any track in our collection with a single emacs(1) keystroke. Whee -- sound and video can add amazing punch to a system!

A lot of multimedia support can consist of just small wrapper programs to be executed from within Muq via ]rootPopenSocket. Fun to do, worth doing, but not a major design or server issue.

What I'm primarily thinking of at the moment, however, is 3D graphics.

3D interactive graphics is cool, is tremendous fun, is finally getting decent hardware support on Linux, and offers tremendous scope for teaching and applying various sorts of programming techniques. It is also what I do for a living, most of the time!

So I'm very interested in adding 3D graphic capabilities to Muq.

I'd like to do this by building on top of the previously mentioned Arrays and Vectors, and GUI projects, and then running an OpenGL-based rendering engine in a separate host process, forked off from the Muq server using ]rootPopenSocket. Synchronization would be done via the pipe, and communication of large polygon, volume and image/texture datasets would be done via shared memory.

I'm currently thinking of using the Skandha4 scientific visualization application as the rendering engine, since it happens that I wrote it and just recently ported it to Linux.

There are a whole slew of spatial datastructures and algorithms which it would be nice to implement in Muq in this context -- R-trees for indexing spatial datasets, for example, or polygon reduction.

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